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40,000 years Of Oil 

Today, oil and gas is utterly crucial to our society. Many of us enjoy a lifestyle that the generations before us could barely dream of. We've spent a long time getting this far, and hydrocarbon exploration and usage has a long history. Here is a...

The Future of Oil is in Shale 

The entire shale fracking endeavour began as a somewhat quixotic, patriotic ambition within fledgling federal energy research programs. Scientists had long understood the geology of shales and knew there was gas to be had But everyone assumed it was unreachable.

Ease oil exploration 

Oil and gas exploration is a very expensive venture owing to the sophistication of technology and equipment involved. The uncertainty of striking any oil or gas reserves further raises the risk profile of the business, making it quite unpopular among many investors. Countries such as...
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#MindSpeak – Mining in our region 

#MindSpeak organised Aly-Khan Satchu at the Intercontinental Hotel, had a discussion panel about the extractive industry and I attended this session from which I gathered some interesting insights. The event was an eye opener to many especially to the many geologists, engineers and lawyers who...

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man 

Now that Kenya is set to enter the league of oil-producing nations, the country may want to examine a little more closely its relationship with foreign governments and companies seeking to extract oil and other natural resources from our land and shores. John Perkins’s book,...
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