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The Great Rift Valley [Gallery] 

German photographer Michael Poliza took to the skies by helicopter to capture the extraordinary landscapes of the Rift Valley in Kenya and Ethiopia from the air. These images appear in his books Kenya and Eyes Over Africa The Simien Mountains, Ethiopia A World Heritage Site and…

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Thanks For Voting! 

Last Saturday, The RocKe Scientist was voted as the best environmental blog during the annual BAKE awards. I wish thank the fans, the voters and the sponsors for the award. Expect more earth science news, posts, FAQs, humour and more from RocKe Sci. Don’t forget…


Turkana, The Cradle of Mankind 

FACTFormer Tukana district occupied the larger part of the north west of Kenya all within the Great East African Rift Valley bordering South Sudan and Ethiopia to the north and Uganda to the WestThe area is semi-arid with extreme day temperatures and equally low temperatures…

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