About RocKeSci

RocKeSci started out with a simple idea of simplifying earth science (more specifically geology) to an audience that may not be too familiar with it. Ignited by one young earth scientist, the idea grew to creating a website that would show the joys of earth science. After winning The BAKE Awards (Best Environmental Blog in 2013), we saw the opportunity to grow even greater and started a project, FunKe Science, that will see us teaching various science concepts to children in their schools and homes. We even got to be the semi-finalist of Google’s Africa Connected Competition.


Irungu is an MSc. Geology student and a passionate photographer. His knowledge of earth science combines marvelously with his passion for photography to conjure up vivid descriptions of nature. He hopes to show us the best of Kenya via his lens, and share what he has learnt as a geologist
A wholehearted husband and father, Dennis did not let his boyish good looks stop him from pursuing a PhD in what is usually considered dirt science. He manages to perfectly juggle his school life with his wonderful family life. He’s in charge of designing cool projects/ideas. He so totally did not write this bio for himself.

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