Hello you awesome awesome fans,

The BAKE Awards were awarded last Saturday in an elegant gala. BAKE, contrary to popular belief, is not a cooking award meant to honor those with exemplary culinary skills. I don’t even know where they got that from!! Where?

BAKE , which stands for Bloggers Association of KEnya , is an organization meant to care for the blogging activities that occur in Kenya by holding seminars, talks and this time round awards. We were honoured to be nominated again for the Best Environmental/Agricultural category. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, we did not get the highly coveted trophy. FarmingAfrika had a more populous fan base. Check them out, they have tons on how to help improve your farming activities. Congratulations to you guys. We will get you next time (*insert evil hihihi laugh*)

The nominated blogs were selected by a panel of experts based on relevance, regularity of posting, marketing (are they on all social media platforms, do they share their posts?) and I forget the rest but voting was done by the public and they had the final say.

This post wishes to thank all those who showed RocKeSci support and even voted. All those that helped us (and still help us) make campaign videos to help take care of the environment. All those that still struggle with the pronunciation of RocKeSci (it rhymes with sweets, guys. Come on)

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some of the bloopers while shooting the Environment Campaign.  Yes, the videos ended up looking serious and stuff but the making was kind of hilarious.

As always, comment, share, and love nature.


The RocKe Scientist

PS. Some random person here tells me that it’s pronounced BAKE is pronounced as bek not bah.ke (like the sheng for Basketball). Are you guys serious? Am I the only one who pronounces it as bah.ke? No wonder you guys thought it was about food.