This Friday we are hosting #FatumasVoice:


Over the years, Maths and Science have been a challenge to many students across the country. It makes you wonder if we were meant to be a strictly artistic nation. But really, it might be important to know why women consistently shy off science courses. Is there a hormonal or psychological explanation to this? And is there anything wrong if a woman decides to venture into the field? How does society take it?

Most of today’s problems can be solved technologically. Is there a way Kenya can move from being politically driven to technologically driven so as to hasten her growth? And just how much is the education system configured to produce competent science graduates? What happens after the science congresses when hundreds of great scientific inventions take awards at the national level in secondary school?

Is Kenya ripe enough for science? Why do people opt out of it after their degrees? Why do they move to other countries to practise it there?

If you didn’t believe that art and science could co-exist, then do not be dismayed any more; there shall be poetry from the likes of Bobby Muzeek Trabolee, Dante Ndirangu, Oduor Jagero-Koa, Eric Odhiambo, Ian Smysta Obyz and music from the amazing Candy Voice.

come one come all!!
at PAWA 254 courtesy of The Kenya Poets Lounge 
4 PM