Here is a simple experiment you can try out at home with your kids and friends to explain how the geysers in the rift valley work.


1. Mentos. Get the mint (white ones) doesn’t work so well with the flavoured ones as we will explain later.

2. Coke Light. Get a 2L warm Coke Light. It has to be room temperature don’t use it straight from the fridge.


String up 6 Mentos dragees onto a string. Bore a hole (screw driver wide) onto another separate coke cap. Open the Coke and pour out some soda so that when you switch up the caps, the mentos are just above the liquid. Close the Mentos with the ‘holey’ cap with the Mentos stringed up below it. You now will have the Mentos by the thread inside the Coke hanging. Let go of the string to drop the Mentos and calmly ran away. Watch with awe.


Voice by @gracie_venus

Count downer @naima_shariff

Coke Wielder @karen_masila

Video taker @demunj