YES! I have had a lot of my friends who have asked me this question countless times. And the answer is always the same!
Question I always ask them is if a cook goes to the grocery to buy his/her ingredients aren’t we doing the same when we go collecting rock samples? Is it any different?

 Many think its child play. It is, just more professionally done with the expertise of an educated adult. “The field is our office” a former lecturer used to say.
But the field is more than just rocks and stones. Its snakes, scorpions, hostile people, friendly people, its no people at all, the witchcraft THE ALL!! 
Never is one day in the office the same as the other. The excitement never ends. Not a day ever ends without something to remember.its never a dull day at the office!!
The beauty of it all has nothing to do with what we bring along with us after we come back from our excursions, it’s the loads we leave behind (Thank God for the digital camera). 
From  witchcraft
to the innocent smiles

and the innovative

the future and the present
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