Geology is one of the most misunderstood professions in the world not in Kenya alone. When I tell people am a Geologists their mind immediately thinks….. “Geography” and a friend of mine even thinks I study “Meteorology” how that came to be am not even sure. Explaining it is even harder so let’s start with the basics. WE STUDY ROCKS NOT STONES! Stones are for masons and construction workers. Rocks have minerals and that is what holds all that gold, coal and titanium you hear about. So please don’t ask me if the coal in Kitui looks like the charcoal we burn from acacia trees. Geology is not Geography these two are as far in meaning as your ignorance of the same! We believed “dirt is good” before OMO could mint money from the phrase. If your mum was a geologist coming home clean would be an insult to her professionalism. She is trying to groom you and you come home looking like you have been in an office all day? That would be an injustice.
“PUNK ROCK” “CLASSIC ROCKS” “HARD ROCK’’ or “METAL” and “ROCK n ROLL” are not the only types of music we listen too.

 If they actually sung about different types of metals in these songs and mentioned a type of rock in it then maybe we would have been more attentive. ‘’THE ROCK’’ is not my favourite all time wrestler. I will probably not ‘’make your bedrock’’ but I will tell you why it did. We are the only people who will not run away from rocks not thrown our way, in fact we chase the rocks and try to catch them before they land and my fellow colleagues makes claim to it. We would make the best riot police, collect all the rocks you throw at us until you have none to throw and the demonstration would die peacefully as we count our blessings while the rioters feel sorry for themselves. You see pot-holes we see depressions.
 Ladies, a geologist will not see those wrinkles he will see lineations, anything less than 10 million years is considered young or recent so no matter how old you get you will never be really old. Probably why we don’t like bank loans too. The only thing we notice about attractive members of the opposite sex is the stone in their jewellery. When you sit there looking at the sunset behind Mt Kenya I don’t get past the mountain itself.
Even in the Bible all we look for is what type of rubies, sapphire, or gold were traded? What rock were the commandments written on? What rock made Jesus’ tomb? How did they smelt that gold they made those idol gods from? What was used to make the Walls Of Jerico? How did they make their swords was there an iron smelting factory we didn’t know of? Was the water running from the rocks from an aquifer? What method did they use to look for water? We don’t see the point at ‘wishing on a falling star’ to us that’s just another rock that can help us know how the earth formed so we are secretly hoping it stops burning and just drops as it is! Geology is in everything you use that laptop you’re reading this from the mouse you used to click the link to this article, to the salt you used some hours ago, that car you drive to that toilet seat you’re going to use today. So we all live the science a bit every day. This rant might go on forever but I think you get my point so to cap it all off ‘’WE ROCK’’.