Is Mount Kenya about to erupt?

Earlier this year, slight tremors were felt around the Mt. Kenya region and it was strange for everyone, since the place has been relatively stable. Could the extinct mountain be turning active? Karen explores this possibility to at least give you a refresher course on the geography you already forgot.

40,000 Years of Oil

Today, oil and gas is utterly crucial to our society. Many of us enjoy a lifestyle that the generations before us could barely dream of. We’ve spent a long time getting this far, and hydrocarbon exploration and usage has a long history. Here is a summary timeline history of oil usage and exploration, from 40,000 years ago until today


Hello you awesome awesome fans,

The BAKE Awards were awarded last Saturday in and elegant gala. BAKE, contrary to popular belief, is not a cooking award meant to honor those with exemplary culinary skills. I don’t even know where they got that from!! Where?