Is Mount Kenya about to erupt?

Earlier this year, slight tremors were felt around the Mt. Kenya region and it was strange for everyone, since the place has been relatively stable. Could the extinct mountain be turning active? Karen explores this possibility to at least give you a refresher course on the geography you already forgot.

Gravity vs Antigravity

We all know gravity is the force from the centre of the earth that pulls all objects to its core. (I am assuming you are well informed). You could think of it like an orange with its centre pulling everything towards itself, both within and without. (A super super strong orange, I would say). Here are some interesting facts about gravity you wouldn’t want to miss on

When You Spill the Beans Sometimes It’s Safer Not To Collect Them

Ever heard the saying “Two wrongs don’t make a right”? Well, according to environmental research and analysis, this saying may prove to be quite inappropriate for all in this day and age; all who live under the UV shelter of the ozone.

The ozone layer, as we know it, is an envelope of O3 blanketing the earth’s atmosphere…well, for the most part of it. The O3 molecules that compose the ozone are formed through the breakdown of O2 gas molecules by UV energy.