• Gravity vs Antigravity
    We all know gravity is the force from the centre of the earth that pulls all objects to its core. (I am assuming you are well informed). You could think
  • Coke and Mentos. Pressurised Version | FunKe Science
    Here is a simple experiment you can try out at home with your kids and friends to explain how the geysers in the rift valley work. Materials 1. Mentos. Get
  • Kenya’s First Offshore Oil Find
    Australian oil exploration firm Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL has confirmed an “historic” discovery of oil in an exploratory well sunk off the Lamu coast in southern Kenya.
    Last Saturday, The RocKe Scientist was voted as the best environmental blog during the annual BAKE awards. I wish thank the fans, the voters and the sponsors for the award.

    Thanks for voting for us we did not win but we felt the love.

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