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  • Does climate change cause the heat waves?
    Too much noise about this ‘heat wave’ thing roasting fellows in Nairobi. First of all, as all hopeless scientific advice always starts; do not panic, you ain’t alone. This thing
  • Gravitational Waves Detected
    In 1916, physicist Albert Einstein predicted gravitational waves from his Theory of Relativity. 100 years later, his prediction comes true. Scientists have now detected these gravitational waves. But what are
  • Iphone 6’s Sapphire Crystal Screen Explained
    Harder, more scratch resistant and very expensive, sapphire is a wonder material that could be coming to an iPhone screen near you.
  • The Geology of Game of Thrones
    In The Geology of Game of Thrones, a group of geologists has created a geologic map of Westeros and Essos, as well as an invented geologic history of the planet

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